Courier Mission

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Contains: stuffing with larvae + slime, inflation/expansion. About 2,600 words. Also contains gimmicky text effects.

It wasn't entirely clear to Murgatranthes at first what she was looking at. It was, as far as she could tell, a morass of dark, oily tendrils and clawed appendages, lightly writhing in a heap. Four glowing cobalt-blue slits appeared in it, then opened up into two pairs of glowing cobalt-blue eyes. They regarded Murgatranthes as the morass untangled itself into two creatures. The creatures held their heads steady as their bodies and tails disentangled from each other, slithering out of the coiled arrangement they'd been snoozing in together.
The two creatures chirred with slight trepidation at the arrival of a possible intruder, before rolling the sound into a cluck of approval at the sight of Murgatranthes. Murgatranthes' wings moved in a shrug-rustle-flick gesture of interest. She wasn't in the habit of taking courier jobs, but the pay for this one was high. These two odd creatures must be her clients.

_so good of you to arrive\\_ said one creature (or both), though Murgatranthes had no idea how it was vocalising or how she could understand it. _you/re even cuter in person\\_ it continued more quietly (or perhaps the other finished).
It was blatant flattery, but Murgatranthes happily roused her feathers at it anyway. The oily-sheened creatures weren't uncute themselves, and Murgatranthes' attention couldn't help being drawn to their impressive prehensile-looking phalluses and scaled sacs. She wondered if she'd actually been interrupting something when she entered their cave.

_shall we get you relaxed before we begin\\_ said one or both of the creatures.
That was an odd proposal for a courier job, so Murgatranthes ignored it. 'What am I carrying and where am I going?'
_you can go wherever you want\\ but a bit of distance between here and wherever you end up would be good\\_ said one creature.
_as for what you/re carrying\_ continued the other creature, _as many of these as you can handle\\_
One of the creatures passed Murgatranthes a little glowing something in its claw-tipped forelimb. She automatically reached out to take it, and noticed that the little something was moving of its own accord. It writhed off the creature's claw and into Murgatranthes' palm. Murgatranthes was taken aback but managed to not drop it. The squirming little thing - a larva, it looked like - patrolled Murgatranthes' hand as one/both of the big creatures spoke. _taste it\\ if you like it\ you can have a lot more\\_

Murgatranthes waited to see where the creatures were going with this. The job posting had explicitly specified that no vehicle or receptacles were required; just a healthy courier. Murgatranthes had expected an envelope, or a parcel small enough to go in her bag. The little larva met that requirement, but Murgatranthes was short of a jar with air-holes. Was it even the cargo? The creatures' instruction to carry 'as many as [she] could handle' of the larvae made their earlier specification (of not needing to bring any containers) rather nonsensical. And why had the creature suggested she eat the larva? Did they mean that Murgatranthes could feel free to sample the wares she transported? (She hoped so.)

The creatures regarded Murgatranthes with keen but unhurried anticipation as she examined the little larva, which appeared to be having a grand old time squirming all over Murgatranthes' hand, over and under and between her fingers. It was softly glowing, like the big creatures' eyes, but a lot more pallid. Murgatranthes delicately poked it with her other hand, and it only grew more excited. She closed her fingers over it gently to stop it escaping, then looked to the creatures in the hope that more explanation was forthcoming.
_try that one\_ said one of the creatures, _see what you think\\ then if you/re still interested in the job\ my colleague and i will get you nice and relaxed\\ you won/t have to worry about a thing\\_

Murgatranthes, ever a food-for-free fan, opened her fingers to release the impatiently-twitching larva. She caught the larva between thumb and forefinger and brought it up to her face. As she went to eat it, it all but leapt out of her grasp and threw itself down her throat. The brief contact it made with her tongue was unexpectedly delicious. The squirms it made down her throat and gullet felt delightful, and Murgatranthes felt herself suffused with a warm glow of satisfaction. It was over too quickly.

The creatures had been slowly circling Murgatranthes, peering for any signs of adverse reaction. _such commendable greed\_ they remarked, _you/ll do just fine\\_
'Always good to hear.'
_we/d love for you to do that again\\_ 'You won't find me averse to that. It was a tasty little thing. But what's the point of all this? I still don't fully understand what job you need me to do.'

The creatures seemed both patient and impatient. They moved and spoke gently and it seemed important to them to keep Murgatranthes at ease. At the same time, she got the impression that they'd done whatever-this-was many times before and were keen to keep things moving on to the next bit.

_what we want you to do is get nice and relaxed\\ we//ll help you with that\\_
'So you keep saying. Then what?'
_you can help yourself to as many more larvae as you please\\ we/ll help you with that too\\ once you/re nice and full\ you/ll be free to go\\ of course\ you/re free to leave at any time\\ but it would really help us if you could get as many down you as you can\\_
'Oh, I'm too busy for that. I've got eggs of my own to lay.'
_oh\ we/ll leave your egg chamber well alone\ don/t you worry\\ it/s your guts that/ll provide our larvae with the best start in life\\_
Murgatranthes' tail twitched in thought. 'You want to rent my guts as an incubator, not my actual egg chamber? Have I got that right?'
_indeed\\ we/ll take care of everything\\ it/ll be perfectly safe for you\\_ said one creature.
_but it/s likely you/ll need to eat more than usual afterwards\ to keep up with your own nutritional demands as well as the larvae\\_ interjected the other.
'All I have to do is eat a bunch of larvae, with a medical excuse for eating more food for a while, and you'll actually pay ME for this?' Murgatranthes said, 'What's the catch?'
_well\ not everyone is as eager as you about the idea\\_ one of the creatures said as the two of them glanced at each other, not quite believing their luck at how little they'd had to work to persuade Murgatranthes.
_that\ and you might want to take those off\\_ said the other creature, indicating Murgatranthes' shorts and her courier's bag.
Murgatranthes removed the items and placed them a short distance away. As she walked back towards the creatures, now as naked as they were, one or perhaps both of the creatures said, _we take that as you being ready to begin\\_
'Yes,' said Murgatranthes, 'You were going to help me relax, weren't you? Show me what you can do.'

One of the creatures moved closer to Murgatranthes and stood in front of her. She locked gazes with the strange creature, and felt a wave of dissolving tension (that she hadn't realised she was holding onto) sweep across her body. The creature's gaze was so calming and benevolent. The blue of its eyes spread across her vision until her sense of distance and time spun away from her, and she needed to hold onto something to steady herself.
Murgatranthes sunk to her knees and planted her hands on the ground before her. _that/s a good idea\_ the creature in front of her reassured her, gently placing a claw-limb on her shoulder, _you just get good and comfy\\_
Murgatranthes was surprised by how much she welcomed the creature's touch. This was nice.
_are you ready to begin\\_
It took a moment for Murgatranthes to break herself out of her pleasant trance enough to speak. 'I'm ready.'

The creature brought up the end of its prehensile phallus, beading with an oily secretion, to Murgatranthes' face. Murgatranthes uttered a low squawk of excitement as the creature's phallus met her mouth. Its secretion dissolved onto her tongue, coating the inside of her mouth and throat. As the creature's phallus dripped more secretion, Murgatranthes swallowed it to avoid it puddling out of her mouth, then growled with pleasure at the immediate sensation of arousal that spread down her throat and gullet.
The creature stroked Murgatranthes' wing approvingly at the sound. _was that nice for you\\_
Murgatranthes moaned her assent, licking more secretion off the creature's phallus in a desire to prolong the waves of pleasure rolling down her throat. The creature clucked in pleased surprise. Murgatranthes' enthusiasm was contagious.

The creature sighed with relief as it began to offload its clutch of squirming larvae into Murgatranthes. The little larvae danced on Murgatranthes' oiled tongue as if sizzling on a hot pan, before swimming down her throat as if with practiced ease. Murgatranthes barely needed to make any swallowing motions to help them down.
Murgatranthes' growls of pleasure escalated into high-pitched keens of delight in between swallows. The creature stroked her sides and made approving clucks at her progress. _such a good vessel\_ it murmured, prompting a moan of gratitude from Murgatranthes. _we got lucky with this one\_ remarked the creature to its colleague.
The two creatures entwined necks and forelimbs with each other, swishing their fronded tails and making soft clucking and chittering sounds to express their mutual affection.

Murgatranthes was enraptured. The creatures' gaze had melted away all stress and made her feel simultaneously relaxed and refreshed, while the lead creature's warm secretions had filled her with what felt just like arousal, seated in her throat and gullet and stomach. The larvae kept parading down her throat, squirming delightfully all the way down. Murgatranthes felt herself becoming fuller and heavier with them, and shuddered with pleasure. The two creatures, warm and pleasant-smelling at this range, stroked and gently squeezed her wings and sides, complimenting her on her progress and her capacity.

The creature in front of her pulled its phallus away briefly so Murgatranthes could speak - instead eliciting a rumbling whine of disappointment at having the flow of slime and larvae interrupted.
_have you had sufficient\_ the creature asked, a few larvae spilling to the floor without Murgatranthes being in position to catch them.
'No! No. Please, keep it coming.'
_do you think you could take on another load\_ it was the creature behind Murgatranthes' turn to speak.
'Yes. Yes, absolutely. Please do,' Murgatranthes' reply was tinged with frustration at having the flow interrupted for even this long.
_if you/d be so kind as to lift your tail\_ suggested the creature behind Murgatranthes.
Murgatranthes was only too happy to oblige.

The creature in front resumed its filling of Murgatranthes, much to the latter's satisfaction. She briefly wondered what would happen to the larvae left on the floor, but soon stopped caring. They'd just have to fend for themselves. As Murgatranthes continued to gorge, the creature behind her brought its phallus up under Murgatranthes' raised tail. It pressed the tip up against Murgatranthes, oozing its oily secretions into her. Murgatranthes flexed her back, her wings automatically flapping, and growled with pleasure as the same sensation of displaced arousal spread through her guts as it had down her gullet. Murgatranthes rustled her wings and shivered her tail, the combined efforts of the two creatures making her desperately want to masturbate but equally reluctant to change her position and break away from either creature.

Murgatranthes growled and rumbled in elation as the rear creature began filling her with larvae and slime, the little lively larvae making their way inside with ease. Both creatures were secreting enough oily slime now that Murgatranthes wasn't able to catch it all, and it was inevitably spilling and running down her. It felt delightful where it touched her skin, cycling through cooling and warming sensations. Murgatranthes felt herself filling out more and more as the creatures double-stuffed her with wriggling larvae that churned up her swallowed slime into heavy foam. She found herself wondering if this would be enough to bring her to orgasm alone without her needing to touch herself, and if it wasn't, whether she should ask the creatures to bring her off as they filled her.

_is it wise to put this much of our clutch into one vessel\_ one of the creatures quietly asked the other, _might it not be wiser to spread it over multiple nests\\_
Murgatranthes, having overheard, uttered a quiet cluck of dismay at the idea that the creatures might suddenly stop.
_perhaps\_ said the other creature in response, _but this vessel is so very\ very good\\_ The creature stroked Murgatranthes' sides to illustrate its point, causing a snorted gasp of pleasure from Murgatranthes at its touch and its kind words. Where it had stroked Murgatranthes, it had rubbed some of the spilled slime into her skin, and the spreading warm/cool feeling made a lovely complement to the spreading waves of arousal inside her.

Murgatranthes felt herself getting ever-heavier with slimy, wriggling larvae, filling up and rounding out and growing fat with precious cargo. She felt her soft belly, rounding and thickening, start to brush up against her thighs, and the realisation gave her a flush of pride at her capacity. She pushed back against the rear creature's phallus in enjoyment, and the creature responded by giving her what she wanted and pushing into her a little more. The two creatures made a little game of it: for every gulp of larvae from the front creature that Murgatranthes swallowed down, the rear creature rewarded her with one thrust. Murgatranthes' keens of pleasure became ever more frantic as she continued to gulp and fill out, her thighs and belly feeling more and more tense with juice and coiled-up sexual energy awaiting release. As the creatures continued to stuff Murgatranthes fore and aft, the larvae and slime from either end finally met in the middle of their host. The two pools of slime, each lining Murgatranthes's guts with waves of arousal-feeling, coalesced in what felt to Murgatranthes like a sharp little explosion of pleasure, almost painfully hot. It finally pushed her over the edge, and she growled into a screech of ecstasy, adding her own slime to the slickness coating her legs and the floor.

The creatures stroked and praised her, telling her what a good job she'd done, as she lay down and rolled on her side to bask in post-orgasmic exhaustion, her breathing heavy but slow and her limbs and tail feeling delightfully floppy. After a little while Murgatranthes began to get up again, rustling her wings and ruffling her feathers back into shape.
_you/ve done so well\_ one of the creatures crooned.
'Haven't I, though,' Murgatranthes said as she re-positioned herself on all fours in front of one of the creatures as before.
It was a bit surprised by this development. _did you want a few more larvae\\_
'No,' replied Murgatranthes as she guided the creature's phallus towards her face once more, 'I want to be FULL.'

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